Hi all,


I've received numerous complaints of users travelling in Africa that the webmail was acting faulty. They did not give me precies error messages (as users never do), but I decided to simulate the situation by installing a Squid proxy and throttling the bandwidth. I discovered that when dropping below a certain bandwidth (about 96kbit/sec), I get erorr messages like these (browser is Konqueror):

The requested operation could not be completed
Timeout Error
Details of the Request:
URL: https://cluster2fs.dafra.be/gw/webac...&merge=msgitem
Protocol: https
Date and Time: Thursday 10 December 2009 09:49
Additional Information: cluster2fs.dafra.be
Although contact was made with the server, a response was not received within the amount of time allocated for the request as follows:
Timeout for establishing a connection: 20 seconds
Timeout for receiving a response: 600 seconds
Timeout for accessing proxy servers: 10 seconds
Please note that you can alter these timeout settings in the KDE System Settings, by selecting Network Settings -> Connection Preferences.
Possible Causes:
There may have been a problem at some point along the network path between the server and this computer.
The server was too busy responding to other requests to respond.
Possible Solutions:
Try again, either now or at a later time.
Contact the administrator of the server for further assistance.

They happen immediately, not respecting the 20 seconds mentionned above.
This does not happen when not using SSL.
I can't find anything particular in the apache, tomcat or groupwise logfiles.

Anyone any ideas?