NW 6.5 SP1b
BM 3.8 SP1a

5 NICs running CE1000.LAN (v7.34.12)
One of the NICs receiving 4 VLANs through trunk from switch.

Four of the NICs are configured via Nwconfig, and are visible as boards in Inetcfg.
The last trunked NIC is not transferred to Netinfo.cfg via Inetcfg,
but is initiated via a NCF-file during boot.
These interfaces are therefore non-existing in Inetcfg, and thus not
available for adding filters through Filtcfg.

The NCF-file enabling the trunked NIC during boot looks like this:

;NCF start
; load the base driver for each frametype
load ce1000 slot=401 frame=ethernet_ii name=vlan_school

; load iANS and specify the VLAN id for each frametype and each VLAN the
; server is supposed to be part of. On a single team configuration "team=1"
; is optional as that is the default setting.
load iANS vlanid=100 frame=ethernet_ii name=vlan_mgmt team=1
load iANS vlanid=101 frame=ethernet_ii name=vlan_adm team=1
load iANS vlanid=102 frame=ethernet_ii name=vlan_teach team=1
load iANS vlanid=103 frame=ethernet_ii name=vlan_pupil team=1

; After loading iANS for all the desired VLANs, bind iANS to the base driver
; using the name that was defined when the base drivers were originally loaded.
bind iANS vlan_school team=1

; Now the team can be created with an iANS commit command.
load iANS commit team=1

; and protocols can be bound to each instance (VLAN and frametype) of iANS in
; the same manner as if they were being bound to a physical adapter.
bind ip vlan_mgmt addr= mask=
bind ip vlan_adm addr= mask=
bind ip vlan_teach addr= mask=
bind ip vlan_elev addr= mask=
;NCF end

This NCF works fine, and all the bindings become pingable and operable,
as far as pure communication/connectivity is concerned.
But since there is no interfaces vlan_* available in Filtcfg,
I cannot add any filter exeptions on them.

How can I make the vlan_mgmt, vlan_adm, vlan_teach and vlan_pupil
interfaces available for BM filter configuration?

How can I make BM distinguish the bindings for these VLANs?

Can the NCF content be transferred to Netinfo.cfg via Inetcfg, by first
adding the NCF commands in autoexec.ncf, and thereafter run Inetcfg?

If so, which board/interface will (or must) be added in Inetcfg?
I need all four of them there, to individually add the appropriate
filter exceptions on them, but I have only one board avalable
for the base driver on slot 401...

Can BM38 handle trunked NICs at all?

Hmmm... ideas anyone?