We just recieved a few new PCs woth Marvell Yukon 88e8057 nics. I can not image these PCs. It looks as if the PCs can not load see the network after the PXE boot.

This looks to me as if I do not have the correct NIC drivers loaded on the server ZEN server (ZEN 7, Netware 6.5).

I tried to follow the info in "Zenworks imaging to automatically recogize new NICS", I ran in to problems.

After booting from a USB; from the bash prompt I ran "hwinfo --netcard"
I got the Vendor info and device info, but there was not line with driver info. From researching the net, I think I need to use a "sk98lin" driver.
(I got a vendor 0x11ab, device 0x4380)

I have also been reading that I need to edit my z_auto.cfg and Z_maint.cmd files. But what do I add? These files do not have a line with showopts in it?

Since I am new at my work, I am not sure what patches have been loaded on this ZEN 7 install.