I have just completed an upgrade from NSBS 6 SP4 to NSBS 6.5 SP1 on my BM
Server. The server was running BM 3.7 plus DNS quite happily with the
default DNS TCP UDP filters from Craig's book (using new DNS/TCP (or UDP)

The upgrade broke the DNS server, and as an interim measure I have had to
move the internal DNS server to my second server (NSBS 6). It is
apparently working OK there - until I enable filtering and then gets no
response from its referrals.

This seems to be a filtering problem - as it works fine with filtering
disabled. (Fortunately, internet browsing via the HTTP proxy is working
fine with or without filtering enabled) - it clearly is able to do its own
DNS lookup.

Because the upgrade renamed an interface, I have deleted all filters and
recreated using BRDCFG and FILTCFG (IManager has also been affected by the
upgrade.). Everything seems to work - but the DNS problem breaks them all.)

Any suggestions for what filters I might need in this situation?

With thanks in anticipation,

Colin Quine