I have Bordermanager3.8sp1 running on NW6.0sp4. I have Client to site
running with the default filters and exceptions. I recieve a "Failed to
log in to Netware" when attempting to log in with the VPN client using
Nmas. If I unload the filters I am able to log in and browse the network.
When veiwing the Logger screen after Set tcp ip debug=1 I dont see large
amounts of discarded traffic although I do see Discards from the follwing;

Soure Address=Public ip address
Destination=private ip
Source Port=1029

Source Address= Public ip Address
Destination address=private ip Address
Source port=1066

Have added these exceptions but Still cant get logged in. It works fine
with the filters off. Whats also puzzeling is, after I reload the filters
it will log me in until I reboot the workstation. What is happening here?