I know I'm becoming a regular but I searched the forum but didn't find another case like this. I just installed NSM 2.5 in the NDS for about 3000 users on 4 - NW6.5 SP7 servers. Keep in mind this NDS is old and has seen many upgrades. When I first started creating profiles I noticed that the NSM did not populate the quota field in the profile even though all of my users already had a quota. I didn't think much of it until I implemented quotas smaller than the users original quota. Then the NSM quota was applied, the NDS quota seemed to be irrelivant.
Example. I have a user with originally 2gb of quota on NDS NSS volume. I create a policy in NSM that will decrease the quota to 500mb. Once the NSM policy is applied the users has a 500mb quota because when they save it pops up a 'Insufficient space' error. Now when I go in iManager or C1 and I check the Volume properites - Users with Quota - the user's quota states 2 Gb. ??? When I then go into the Novell Quota Manager from NSM I see the same users' quota at 500mb. I increase the quota from NSM QM and the users quota is now Increased. I return to C1 and Volume quota and the quota displayed for that users is 2gb still ??? What is going on??? It seems I'm getting quota information from 2 different places. The NSM quota is working well the problem is the NSS volume is not displaying the correct quota information for the users and vis versa. So far this is all on one server but different volumes. I have a workaround but something is not right.