- I setup a test server with a test tree: labtree, with 1 O with Universal passwords (SLES 10 SP2, OES2 SP1,eDir 8.8 sp5)
- I setup a few users under this O
- I created another O, OU and partitioned the OU (O=AD,OU=dsfw1)
- I setup another test server to install DSFW, named-mapped
(SLES 10 SP2, OES2 SP1,eDir 8.8 sp5)
- I was able to install DSFW with no problems and verified the install
- I can join the Domain and login as Administrator (Windows XP, no Novell client installed)
- I want to use my existing eDir accounts to log into the workstation. I receive the message "The system could not log you on. Make sure your User name and domain are correct, then type your password again."
-I can login if I move the eDir account into the domain partition (creating an alias on eDir) but I don't want to do this on my live eDirectory.

I saw several other forum messages about this, but I've been unsuccessful getting this to work.