I have read over a few different posts and think we are headed in the right direction but would like to confirm...

We have a physical 3 node NW 6.5 SP7 cluster directly connected to an EOL SAN via HBAs. We are building an entire new OES2 SP2 cluster in ESX with the new storage being iSCSI. Because of multiple factors, we have no good way to connect either cluster to both SANs. These volumes will be accessed via both NCP and AFP.

If we want to migrate the NSS clustered Pools/Volumes to the new cluster and keep everything consistent for the end users, is our only method something like the following?:

1. Notify the users of extended downtime.
2. Create new volume in new cluster as non-clustered and copy all data to it.
3. Take the old resource offline and remove it completely.
4. Rename the new volume to the same volume name in the old cluster.
5. Create new resource from the new volume using the same IP and NCP name as the old.

This appears like it should work, and I know which tools to use for most of it but am not sure about the best way to migrate all the data, permissions and AFP info with the best possibility of success.

What did I miss?