Hi guys,

First I want to wish a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all you guys on the forum :)


I had the chance to work with the Mac OSx Inventory Only Agent and it didnt impress me much. Maybe some of you guys can help me change my mind ;)

Here's what I have so far. After doing some tests couple months ago I found how to personalize the Agent .PKG so that the Inventory would be installed unatented ( without entering the ZENworks server ip or DNS manually on each machine). So, when the package is run, the Inventory Only run according the Schedule, noting wrong here.

For a reason I ignore, it seems like none of the changes made on those MAC are taken by the agent and sent to the ZENworks server. For instance, I did the Snow Leopard (10.6) update on my laptop (MacbookPro) which owns the MacOSx Inventory agent since june.

When I checked back the invetory data with the reports tool on the ZENworks server, the data wasnt updated...and never will.

Same thing happened when I change the name of a MacMini tha owns the Inventory Agent. His name wasnt updated on the server info.

Finally, it seems like none of the change made on any MacOSx workstations are taken by the agent and sent to the server. Thats not very usefull when you relly on this inventory agent to get an global idea of your network assets.

I know the MacInventory is not Novell priority but, why provide us a MacOSx agent, when it doesnt do his job the way it should?

Anyway, maybe one of you guys had better luck, just let me know here !!!