I posted a question 18 months ago with no reply. I hope someone might have some ideas now.

I have an application that uses the Volume serial number as an identifier for branding and security. Netware/OES 1 provides a dummy volume serial number for compatibility purposes (Novell doesn't use and doesn't care about the volume serial number).

The problem lies is the fact that the Volume serial number is produced by the client. The client uses a function based on the volume name. Unfortunately, this function was changed with the Vista/Windows 7 client. Thus, the XP client and the Vista/7 client produce different volume serial numbers for the same volume name....

Try it... you will see.

The problem is that my software won't run. It can only be branded with one volume name. Thus, I can either have all Vista Clients or all XP clients running. You cannot have both.

Can the volume name be spoofed? Does anyone know if a volume can be named so that the algorithm produces the same name on both XP and Vista? Woul;d accessing the volume via CIFS produce the same results?

Any help would be appreciated.

Joe Collins
Information Services Manager
M. Lee Smith Publishers