Our GWIA 8.0.1 is running on a Virtual Machine with
NetWare 6.5 SP8 as the O/S.

From Console One, we're unable to access all Properties
Pages for our GWIA.

Two errors occur, when connecting:

"Could not open the exepath.cfg file"
"Full administration for the gateway is only available when
connected to the owning domain."

I've read TID 10012259 and our exepath.cfg file is located
in our: \\GRPWISE\DOMAIN\wpgate\GWIA folder and
contains the following information:

I've restarted the server and assigned additional Trustee
Rights to my account, but I'm still unable to access the
additional Properties Pages.

[Oddly, one site is reporting us as an Open Relay, so its
important that we review this GWIA's information to see
if anything has changed.]

Any help to resolve our GWIA access problem would
be much appreciated!