I know, this is not strictly a Zenworks thing, but I'm wondering if
anyone has seen this with ZWSbrowser4. I'm guessing that it would be
the same problem even if trying to do remote control via ConsoleOne,
since the plugins directory for C1 seems to serve for ZWSbrowser too.

Anyway, issue is: From inside (LAN) I can remote control workstations
just fine. From two different outside addresses, I can RDP in to a
given terminal server & then remote control (with ZWSbrowser)
workstations just fine too.

But a vendor needs to do the same, and when he RDP's in to the same
server, then runs ZWSbrowser, it connects & seems to take over the
target workstation just fine, but then immediately drops it with no
error or other symptoms. The background blanks, and I can see the
remote toolbar, so I know the session starts, but then it stops within a
few seconds.

I'm wondering if there's any known issues with remote control that would
cause this symptom, whether ZWSbrowser or via C1, or where to start
looking. As ZWSbrowser is being run on the TS, not on the outside
system, I can't see how something like the outside system's java version
could be at play. But clearly -something- is different with the
vendor's system.

Just .... what?