Configuration: NW6.5, BM 3.8

Situation: Had IP addressing problem with a new install BMgr 3.8 server
and had to remove server from tree and re-install. New BMgr server works
fine, except when I go into iManager 2.x to edit filters, I do not see
all the filters. It appears to have kept the filters from previous BMgr
server (called FS-Border) even though I removed it from the tree before
re-installing. What I think happened is the NBMRuleContainer (which was
not deleted) held the first Border server's Filter Exceptions. The new
Border server reads those but does not display them from iManager. If I
try to create a filter exception from previous server iManager informs me
that the it already exists. However, I can create new filter exceptions
and they appear fine and work fine. But I don't seem to have a way to
delete or modify the previous filters. Can I just delete them from the
NBMRuleContainer object in Console1? If not, what are my options? Thank