I think I know this answer but want to verify and confused by the following
statement in a tech note from Novell

We have BM 3.5 and looking at setting up a site to site VPN using MS VPN
Site to Site software, (I am note sure if this is the best solution but..)

Can this be accomplished, with the VPN server behind Novell BM server if I
open up ports 1701 and 1732 (I think those are the ports).


Does the VPN server have to sit infront of BM ?. I do not plan to use a
client at the moment to connect to this VPN server behind BM, just a site to
site VPN.


and what does this statement really mean... does it mean BM using a VPN
client and PPTP ?

Do not confuse this scenario with PPTP running on the BorderManager server,
which DOES work as long as SET NAT DYNAMIC MODE TO PASS THRU=ON. The
scenario described above involves a PPTP client connecting to a Microsoft NT
RAS server running PPTP, not a BorderManager PPTP