Hope ebrything is going great with you, we are runing on BM 3.5 SP3 on
novell 5 SP6.

I am having an issue with my remote sites trying to access ftp:\\
sites....here is the picture :

I have a network (WAN) set up with several remote locations (LAN'S)
connected via Frame Relay, I am having a problem when trying to connect
to ftp:\\ sites from any of my subnets (remote sites). I have no problems
connecting to those sites locally where I have the Internet access (T1)
and my Border manager. I have the filter exception in place.

Even if I have the filters down I still can not connect from any of my
remote sites. The message I am getting on my browser when connecting is
as follows:

HTTP Error
status: 504 Gateway time-out
Desc: FTP: Login to server failed

Any ideas?...Thanks!