In trying to get the GWCal Publishing working correctly, we've come up against a "HTTP Status 404 -" issue for the /gwcal/freebusy URL. The /gwcal/calendar URL works, and users can subscribe or download the extra calendar, but the free busy continues to give the 404 error.

I've deleted the server and started completely over from scratch, and the same problem happens. This is now a clean install, but the error still happens.

The only log file entry I see that jumps out at me is:

"The Calendar Publishing Host is not configured correctly. The Calendar Publishing Host name specified during installation does not match the name specified in ConsoleOne. Verify the name in ConsoleOne, then rerun the Calendar Publishing Host Installation program and specify the correct Calendar Publishing Host name."

...even though I've made sure the exact name that appears in ConsoleOne is what I put in during the re-install. In fact, I've deleted the server, and built up a new one, and made sure the same name was entered in again.

Not sure what to try next. Any suggestions?