I have a Small Business Netware 6 server with Bordermanager 3.6. I have
sp4 on Netware and sp2a on Bordermanager. When I setup exceptions they
work for a few minutes and then stop. I have checked using Set filter
debug=on and set it to look at ICMP only, viewing both Forwarding and
DISCARDs. The only thing I see in the log file is that it switches from
saying, "INBOUND packet to Forward," and, "OUTBOUND packet to
Forward," to, "Dynamic rule from Exceptions list" for ICMP traffic. I
don't see any discards for ICMP. Which seems to mean it is setup
correctly. I checked that the maximum physical packet receive size was
set to 4224 and it was. The server has 512 megs of memory with about 45%
cache buffers free. The server utilization seems normal. Anyone have
any ideas?