We are trying to implement a power scheme so that our machines will go to sleep in the evenings. I have been testing various scenarios, but one issue always seems to come up with the workstations.

I login to 30 workstations in a lab, and put the machine to sleep in either standby or hibernation. When I wake the machine, I am presented with the unlock screen. On 2-3 of the machines, the machine only offeres the windows credential to unlock the machine. The rest give the nds option to unlock. The desired method to unlock is using NDS since we use autoadmin login for the machines and the end user doesn't know the windows pw to unlock.

I have set the machines to have the simple unlock registry settings and set it to 1 so that NDS should be the only thing offered. On these machines that want windows credentials to unlock, I have verified that this registry setting is in place, and I can place them to sleep and wake againa and they are about 50/50 as to requiring nds or edir. Anyone experienced this before or have ideas? We currently are seeing about 2500-3000 machines left on overnight, so even if 1% of these machines have this issue, that is still 30 phone calls every morning to our HelpDesk to help them log back in. Thanks,