I just got this from Novell:
We found a serious abend issue with the ACLCHECK.NLM that was included
in the BM38SP2.EXE patch. As there were a number of customers reporting
that they had seen this, we decided to remove the patch from the public
download area until engineering has a fix. They believe that they do
have a new ACLCHECK.NLM that resolves the issue and we hope to have the
patch reposted before the end of the week. Once the new NLM has passed
validation and testing, it will be emailed to each of you so you won't
need to download the entire patch again.

If you have any questions, please either post those the BorderManager
forums at support.novell.com/forums or open an incident and the
technical support representatives will be able to help you out. There
will also be a tid released tonight that explains this and has a snippet
of an ABEND.LOG for identification. While the exact tid number won't be
available until after the export process at Midnight MST tonight, you
can search on the ID NOVL97713 and you should be able to find it that

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused you and
thank you for your continued support of Novell products.


The BorderManager support team
Novell, Inc