Bare with me if this is a simple question to answer, but I am brand new to GW8 and don't want to screw up what has already been a perfectly flawless (well one minor issue with client views) upgrade from GW 7.01 to GW 8.01.

I have never had an upgrade of GW go so swimmingly, very thrilled.

I want to get my calendar publishing going, but have a question or two. I can see where that is installed in the SDD, my question is this, can I just install the Calendar Publishing Host on my same box as GW and WebAccess? It uses TC 4 so I think it would be okay and would make sense since the PO is on that box, etc. I just want to make sure that's okay before I screw something up.

Secondly, when I have the Host installed, I can then activate the Publishing Calendars via C1, correct? Anything else after that I need to setup or configure?

Finally, when I have this installed, will I be able to subscribe to calendars? When I Right-Click the Calendar Folder I don't have that option yet.

Mike Snyder