Is there a problem with statful filtering and bm 3.8.
I have bm 3.5,3.6,3.7 server out and they a working great with
But the latest servers running bm3.8 sp1 and sp2 and sp2a is strange
when it turns to stateful filtering.
Even if I have set the filters right somtetimes the filter isnt
working and get blocket. And it seems to accelerate with how many
stateful filter I have.
Yester day I did a clean installation of Netware 6.5 sp1.1a and bm 3.8
sp2 and exept for the standard filters I added 1 stateful filter for
dns queries. A Simple one. But after 1 hour the port 53 gets blocked !
After that I set it up the filter with no tstateful, and it works.
I also seems to only block sometimes so the customer sees the problem
like "we have a slow internet", but its not, its the border manager
that blocks sometimes.