I'm trying to resolve a GWIA properties page issue
that, at this point, seems to be pointing to a mapping
problem. (I have a separate post, under the groupwise.gwia
forum, but I may need to resolve this mapping problem
to solve the GWIA problem.)

[There's a known issue that one may have
problems accessing the additional properties page,
for the GWIA object, if you don't have a drive mapped to
the volume where the exepath.cfg is located.]

In a Container Login script I have settings, for myself, that
auto-maps several drives . . . two drives are to be mapped
to our GWIA server, but only one (SYS:) is auto-mapped.
Other drives (including two to our GroupWise server) go
through without a problem.

I can Manually map a NetWare drive to the GWIA's MAIL:
volume, but the auto-mapping won't go through. [No other
drive is grabbing the Q: drive that it should auto-map to;
so, there's no conflict, here.]

I've run a DSREPAIR, using the standard Repair All option,
on all five of our NetWare servers. Our GWIA server had
more problems and appeared to be missing Time Synchronization,
although, now, it's back in sync.

- Can someone advise what else may need to be looked

- Are there, specifically, any advanced DSREPAIR repairs
that would be recommended?