Hi Guys, Gals and what comes from that :-)

I'm working on a server that has a lot of products on it.
Patchlevels are
BM3.8 SP2a
ZfD 4.01 ir4a
GW 6.5 sp1

tcp.nlm is 6.67.03 Mar. 23,2004

The hardware is
Intel P4
A motherboard with onboard netcard (yukonnw.lan) (used for LAN).
A 3c90x netcard for WAN.
1024 MB ram

I've had to change the Set the Maximum Frame Size to 4226 on the yukonnw
to make it work properly with the standard size of 1514 it got a lot of
Invalid Packets, after changing the packet size it worked better.

I can't make the filters work properly. At the moment I've removed all
trace of filters from the eDir as well as deleted the filters.cfg, and
communication works fine.

If I enable filter support in inetcfg and runs brdcfg I lose
communication on the LAN, I can't connect to the server any which way,
does anybody have an idea on what to do?