I have NW6SP4, BM3.7 latest patches, GW6 latest patches. Last year I took a
BM class and the instructor advised us to set up the filters "To permit
packets in filter list" and "Deny packets not in filter list. I did this and
had to put anything that we wanted access to into the filter list. He was a
teacher so I did that. It works "fine", people can't access the internet
unless going through the proxy, etc....... However, when my filters are
enabled I have never been able to access imanager and now I am trying to get
webaccess hooked up on our GW server. It will not pull up the apache page
unless I turn off the filters.

I have Craigs book and have asked this question before here. Is there an
"easy" way (a filter for me to add to allow gw webaccess and imanager with
my current setup of "permit packets in filter list"?? In the book, which I
got after I had set up the server because I took a class on it, it says that
my stuff is set up "backwards". Do I need to change it?? If so, what is the
best way of going about this? Do I make a copy of my current filter list and
put those in for exceptions when I switch to "deny packets in filter list"?

If I run brdcfg, will this erase my current configuration? and then follow
the steps in the book?

I am wanting to set up a third nic on the BM server and have it for the GW
server which will only host email and web site. So I want to get this right

Also I have the third edition of the book. Is there a newer one that I need?

Thanks for any and all input,