The Following error message is occuring while consolidating the data from Novell 6.5 sp7 to oes2Linux server(oes2 sp2+Suse linux enterprise server sp3).
"An error occurred attempting to validate or migrate the file system from 'ASC_NW4' to 'ascnw6oes'.
--- Error caused by a NetWare API error ---
Client error - An attempt to resolve the Switched Virtual Circuit (SVC) failed. Generally this means that either you're not authenticated to Novell Directory Services (NDS), or the object that you're trying to access can't be found in the server's copy of NDS. Run ConsoleOne/NWAdmin to help find the error.
(Error code: 0X8884 Function Name: NWCCOpenConnByName)"

Source/Destination server details:
Source server: Novell 6.5 sp7
Destination server: OES2 SP2+ Suse linux enterprise server sp3
Console One version: 4.2.709.14
Volumes Type(Source/Destination): NSS