I ran into a name resolution issue half way through a 'move-to-oes2-sp2' patch, using our local smt server and wondered if anyone else had seen similar behaviour or was aware of change in mdns behaviour in sles10sp3/oes2sp2?

Basically, our dns is all local, with a .local top level domain. Our servers are configured to use smt.company.local as the update source - have been fine for months.
Whilst running the update we lost connectivity to the smt server, and further investigation showed that all dns name resolution had gone... I then disabled mdns, got name resolution back and was able to complete the update...
This was just one server in our test bed, and I shall try the other test server with mdns off from the outset, however we have not required disabling mdns on any of our sles10sp2/oes2sp1 servers and wondered if this was a change in functionality...?