I am evaluating ZESM 3.5.IR8,

I have the following lab environment:
Win 2K3 - Active Directory (AD)
Single Server Installion i.e. Management service & Distribution Service in a single server

I have seen the following issues,
1. No sync between AD and ZESM i.e. When we add a Windows AD to Authenticating Directories the list gets populated with groups/users, but when a new uses is added in AD it does not get reflected in ZESM management console. Is there any workaround for this?

2. Firewall port blocking I tried to create a new firewall setting, under TCP/UDP ports for which the Default behavior = Closed. N then i opened port for FTP using the Associate existing TCP/UDP ports options. But i see that ZESM blocks all the ports n i am not able to access FTP as well.

Could someone please let me know what i am missing here.