This could be a bit lengthly...

I've been having some issues recently where the Discover Applicable Updates Windows-x-86-en-XPsp3 bundle has been failing at the Install Compatibiilty Actions step. (Under Actions, Install) This had been set to Continue on Failure, but I've unchecked it and now when I attempt to execute the Bundle, I recieve the error message 'Could not download bundle content for <DAU> because a ZENworks Server could not be located.' Then it asks if I want to verify and retry. If I choose to do so, the Could not download message repeats in a second prompt.

I've looked at what the Install Compatibility Actions actually does, and it is trying to launch the PatchCompatiblityActions bundle, which is all fine and good as that bundle exists and seems to be ok. My question is really in regards to the three files that this bundle is supposed to copy, namely:


From what I can tell, the DAU bundle is failing when it tries to run the PatchCompatibilityActions bundle, and that one can't find these three files to copy to %ZENWORKS_HOME%\bin\Handlers.

My question really boils down to where do these three files initially come from? I've attempted to locate them on my ZENworks server, but no success so far.

I'm running ZCM 10.2.1 on SLES 10.2, XPSP3 workstations.

Additionally, I've noticed that the path to copy the files to on the workstations was using '/' instead of '\' to seperate the directories on the Windows workstations, and when I would open the Edit File Details to check the Copy Option, there was an error message indicating that the path to copy the files to could not be resolved. This disappeared once I changed the / to \. Likely nothing, but thought it was odd just the same.