Hi everyone,

My NW6.5 sp7 BM3.9 sp1 is crashing all at once. I must mention that this is since a power failure and up until that time had been working very well. The server went down suddenly but rebooted well at the time with its normal checks. Shortly after its been crashing +++. The server doesn't seems to bend and goes straight into the debugger with the following error where I have to reboot to get it running.

Novell Netware Debugger
Break at 96BC9957 because of unknown error
Current Focus Processor: 00
AEX = 96E86BED EBX = 189A3364 ECX = 96E86BED EDX = 96E86BEC
ESI = 18524004 EDI = 189A3378 EBP = 96E86B88 ESP 800319D8
EIP = 96BC9957 FLAGS = 00000046 (PF ZF)
96BC9957 5B POP EBX

# ?
Address in PROXY.NLM at code start
Previous: -00000067 971D88F0 PROXY.NLM|InternalConsistencyError
Current: 00000000 971D8957
Next: +00000029 971D89D0 PROXY.NLM|ProxyConfigEventHandler

So far I have cleared the cache with several proxy -cc. I replaced the Proxy.nlm with the one from SP1 in case they got corrupted, I checked the sync with the DS and all seems well. I did serveral DSRepairs till I had 0 errors. I'm wondering if I should do a verify of the disk or maybe I blew a memory module. Any ideas out there. I've never seen this one yet and up till this point the server seemed very stable. Any help would appreciated.

The abend dump will follow