Hi all,

yesterday the Oracle DB server that the ZCM database runs on ran out of space (opps!), and this caused our clients to fail user authentication during refresh - they received the below error

"User Authentication failed during a refresh.
User applications will not be available

This may occur if the user's password is changed or
if the user is deleted from the user source"

The ZCM server was still up, but as the database server was down logins were failing (both clients and to the ZCC)

With Zenworks 7 if the server went down clients would continue happily, there would be no messages to users and all applications (user and workstation) would remain available

So my question is, is there a way for user applications to remain available during a server outage? When they login off the network they have all the applications cached...so I'm not sure why in the case of a server outage the client just can't keep everything going in a cached state and just retry user authentication to the server on the next refresh cycle.