I have found the following strange effect of UNC path filters on/off on
Domain Member Computers running WinXP Sp3 with NovellClient 4.91SP5.

If the path filter is set to ON login to Edir and logon to the DSfW
Domain work without any errors. You can even administer group-policies.
So for simple users, this is better than setting the UNC path filter to
OFF because in the latter case users get an Windows error message, that
their password will expire this day - which is not true and can be
simply ignored. But this can confuse users and can get any
helpdesk/admin in trouble if users are listening to those error
messages and starting to change their passwords daily - only very nice
and friendly people do this three times before complaining loud.

For admins the OFF setting is to be preferred because this lets you
browse the Domain and ... it would be better for simple users, too - if
this error message wouldn't pop up on every login/logon.

But why do I get this error message if the Novell Client is installed
and UNC path filter is set to OFF??

W. Prindl