I have a Netware 6.5 SP8/edir 8.8.5 (file and print services) I am testing migration to OES2sp1/SLES10SP2 (fully patched). I am getting errors on the ncpshell as listed below. What is my next step in T/S this?

I tried the miggui and found that it didn't bring the driver over. Now I am trying the command line iprintmig and finding that the printer doesn't come over and the - - debug log states it is succesful as do I get 100% at the command line.

When looking at the debug log, there is a failure on the following line as follows:

ncpshell --ip= --u=admin.kamloopscity --invoke --parm1=SYS:/NDPS/PSMInfo.nlm --d
Error(1000): SERVER: load nlm SYS:/NDPS/PSMInfo.nlm failed rc=35198.

The previous line was succesful and is listed here:
ncpshell --ip= --u=admin.kamloopscity --put --src=/opt/novell/iprint/share/PSMInfo.nlm --dst=SYS:/NDPS/PSMInfo.nlm --d

The iprintmig command I am using is the following:

iprintmig -N -s -d -D cn=ncspmgr,ou=CITYHALL,o=KAMLOOPSCITY -u cn=admin,o=kamloopscity -U cn=admin,o=kamloopscity -p Betty1B00p -t Betty1B00p -I drvstr.CITYHALL.KAMLOOPSCITY -n CH2IT1-TRN --debug

The ncpshell.log looks like this:

DDCNCPRequest(1222770688, 23, 3, 0xbfb2dec9, 128, 0xbfb2de08, 0xbfb2de49)
DDCNCPRequest(...) rc=0
GetFileServerInfo: rc=0
startnds: Login... rc=0
DDCNCPRequest(1222836224, 23, 4, 0xbfb2de80, 0, 0xbfb2de48, (nil))
DDCNCPRequest(...) rc=0
ChangeConnectionState: rc=0
DDCNCPRequest(1222836224, 131, 279, 0xbfb2dd79, 20, 0xbfb2dd48, 0xbfb2de90)
DDCNCPRequest(...) rc=35198
LoadNLM: rc=35198
LoadNLM: rpccode=35198
SERVER: load nlm SYS:/NDPS/PSMInfo.nlm failed rc=35198.