I am looking to update a large number of machines that are currently running 4.91 SP5 and two early Post SP5 patches (491psp5_1_nwfs & 491psp5_login_2) with the latest set:
  • Novell Client 4.91 Post-SP5 NWFILTER 1 - 491psp5_nwfilter_1.zip
  • Novell Client 4.91 Post-SP4, SP5 NWFS.SYS 6 - 491psp5_nwfs_6.zip
  • Novell Client 4.91 Post-SP5 Login Files 5 - 491psp5_login_5.zip
  • Novell Client 4.91 Post-SP4, SP5 SRVLOC.SYS - 491psp5_srvloc.zip
  • Novell Client post-4.91 SP5 NOVNPNT - 491psp5_novnpnt.zip

All but 491psp5_nwfilter_1 (the mandatory one!) state they can be applied by file copy, which could be done by a simple NAL app... However, I want them all in one hit...

If I create a structure with the original 4.91 SP5 and overlay all the above patches, edit SETUPSP.INF so that "Reinstall=YES" and run SETUPSP.EXE will it update all the components?

Any other neat methods of applying all these Post SP patches?