We have an iprint printer that at certain times has large volumes of jobs (300+) queued up waiting to print. The users submit jobs and they are set to default to 'User Hold'. They then have to log in to a release station next to the printer and resume the jobs. The actual printer is an A1 plotter, so print job times are between 10 and 15 mins per job.

My problem is this: the jobs should be printed in the order that they are resumed, i.e. the older print jobs print first and newer ones have to wait. However they are seemingly doing the opposite, and printing the newest one when the plotter becomes free. If you're unlucky enough not to be the newset job at that moment, your job gets pushed down the queue, i.e. older jobs are printed last.

In the iPrint settings in iManager we have set 'scheduling' to be 'First in, first out', which we thought would be enough.

We're using NW 6.5 sp8. NDPSM is version 3.03a. The printer gateway is g2NDPS, supplied by a 3rd party vendor (GPAS) (this might well be the culprit, but I don't understand why this would affect job ordering / scheduling).

Any ideas would be gratefully received.