I've install the zcm 10.2.2 update over 10.2.1 for linux sles 10 sp2.
Primary zcm server.

I've tail -f the loader-messages, and i've seen some errors that are also in the system message logs. this errors or warning occurs in the install progress.

java.io.FileNotFoundException: sql-anywhere/retired_component-10.2.2.sql not found.{}
java.io.FileNotFoundException: sql-anywhere/bundles_update-10.2.2.sql not found.{}
java.io.FileNotFoundException: sql-anywhere/discovery_schema_update-10.2.2.sql not found.{}
java.io.FileNotFoundException: sql-anywhere/ldap_schema_update-10.2.2.sql not found.{}
Unable to refresh the system settings from service.

Also after 5 minutes of installation. I get no new information in the loader-messages.log and services-messages.log. And i saw that all the novell services where dead. So after 5 minutes later i decided to ./novell-zenworks-configure -c Start. and restart the services. after that the installation was going further.

Are these messages important? is the installation succesfully as it said, or are the're missing things.

Kind regards,

Tristan Floor