You stated: The default FILTERS block ALL internet traffic. You must also
have at least some default EXCEPTIONS. (I show the default exceptions in my
filtering book, but not on my web site).

I have your book, can you point me to the page numbers that show how to set
up the default exceptions? I'm having trouble getting my BM server set up
properly. When I run BRDCFG, the default filters get set up and nothing can
be accessed through the internet (by design). I set up filter exceptions
and I still can't get it to allow access to the internet. I am also blocked
from accessing the Bordermanager server from a workstation when the filters
are in place. When I unload ipflt.nlm, ipxflt.nlm and filtsrv.nlm the
internet is opened up. We are using CLNTRUST on our workstations - does the
filter on page 145 need to be set to allow CLNTRUST to work?