I have an IP telephone from Sipura that is connected behind a
Bordermanager 3.6 (sp2a) running on a Netware 6 (sp4)
The Public NIC is set up in Dynamic NAT mode. (On Public IP address)

Tha IP telephone commuicates on Port 5060 and 16300-16700 with SIP and
UDP trafic.
SIP ?? What is SIP and does BM support SIP ?

If I open up Stateful filters from Private to public for TCP and UPD on
port 5060 and from 16300-16700 the telephone works partly.
Meening you can call out to celluar phones but not to other numbers.
If I unload all filters it seems to work OK on all numbers.

TCP.NLM ver 6.18.17
TCPIP.NLM ver 6.18.17

Tore Jacobsen, Norway