Hi All experts
I heard the ZCM 10.3 beta could testing and has many new function, download and test them. about AD's kerberos function, I have a question about export keytab file.
I create a user as "zcmuser" and my domain is test.com.tw. I export the file like scenario document :
ktpass.exe /princ host/zcmuser.test.com.tw@test.com.tw -pass novell -mapuser zcmuser -out zcmuser.keytab

I import the file to ZCM, and configure an AD user source, but AD user login AD's workstation,the ZCM auth. windows show a error message "Unale to log into the network because the login credentials or the server certificate is incorrect"

I think the fail reason should be the keytab file. but I do not know what's wrong....Who could tell me the correct method?