I have a customer who is seeing an issue with connectivity to an Oracle
Database on their DMZ through BM3.8SP1 (SP2 is planned to be installed
early next week).

We have determined via packet sniffing that it is the stateful filters
for port 1521 that are the issue, as comms works OK for a client on the
DMZ and for a client on the private network when Filters are disabled.

The TNS protocol being used is using the standard Client Hi Port to 1521
and 1521 back to the Hi Port mode, as the TNS Listener is set to
Dedicated Server mode.

The issue we are seeing is the client makes the original connection and
requests data AOK, but later in the communications another request is
made, and because the server is away generating the reply, a gap between
packets can be up to over 500 secs. When this happens comms is lost.

Are we seeing some sort of timeout on the stateful filters? I have looked
and seen that there is an 8 hour reset of unused connections, this is
definitely within this limit.

Any ideas?


Jim Pye
Master CNE, CNI, Novell CDE, LPIC-1
The Sunshine State, Queensland