I am in the process of migrating a Netware 6.5.8 eDir platform
to OES2SP2 Linux. I decided to split the migration into three parts;
printer consolidation, file system consolidation, and Transfer ID
because I have had issues in the past. I am finishing up on issues
surrounding the iPrint migration. The file system migration did not
seem to pose any issues; I will perform a resync on the file system just
prior to the transfer ID.

I had major issues with the iPrint migration. It is a small site with
five printers. Using the miggui. The actual migration process finished
without errors: IPRINT:iprintmig:Successfully completed. Not the case
at all. Each of the printer agents were created with four eDirectory
attributes, appears to need thirteen to be functional. None of the
ACLs transferred over. iManager printer health monitor comes back with
a dead link for the printer agents. Working with support for most of
the day, they had me adding the required eDirectory attributes for each
printer. Time consuming since I needed a web site that would convert an
ascii to hex string for the iPrintPrinterPAName value. Also recreating
the ACLs for each printer. BTW I used the psminfo.xml file from the
NetWare box for an ACL reference file, so I know the correct information
was reported to the Linux box. Working with support I did ask about
issues surrounding iPrint migrations, their response, there are some.
What does that mean? So spending the day on five printers is not a
big deal, but what happens when I hit some of my sites with 200
printers? I am stuck and do not know where to go. I cannot get any
information from Novell on fixes or release dates. The miggui has been
out for sometime now and I have yet to have it work as advertised, EVER.
Does anybody have any success stories? If so can anyone share how you
do it? Why cant Novell be more open on issues surrounding the miggui
and other issues?

I am scheduled to finish the Transfer ID this weekend, can anyone
respond with their experiences using SP2?

Disclaimer: You may be able to tell that my frustration is quite high
here. I am just a little SA that just wants to do a good job for their
company, but I need good tools to do it.

Thanks for any input!