Hello All,

When configuring a 8 SP1 POA to use IMAP over SSL. I received a message stating that I also need to set a Proxy server. I looked at the Network address settings and saw no option for Proxy IP Address. I did see an option called External IP Address. Whats really wierd is that from the MTA server I see External IP Address in Network Address tab. If I go to the POA server and look at it the field is called Proxy IP Address. I found out that one system had the 7.03 snapins. This one showed the field as Proxy IP Address.
The 8.01 snapins show it as External IP Address. Is this a problem with the 8 SP1 snapins? Or have the error messages not been updated to say External address instead of Proxy address? I'm assuming they are the same thing and just the names are different.

Regardless I'm not sure if I really need to add the External/Proxy address of not. If so What address does it need? Is it the inside address or the outside address? Should it be IP or name?