We have a bundle that runs a script to open web browsers to a webpage, install a cookie and then close the web browser. We have it associated to the workstations, and the assignment details are set at Fixed Interval - to run 1 week (weekly) and to process immediately if device is unable to execute on schedule. We want this to run only once a week - but it runs every day and causes some issues with users using the web browser. Is this set up incorrectly? What is the best practice to have a bundle only run once a week on the desktops? We don't want it to run at the same time on each desktop - as that would cause a lot of traffic all at once when users log in. We were thinking that if the schedule was set to run at a fixed interval, then the bundle would randomly kick off a week from the last time it kicked off, but this is not working, and running on a daily basis. Any ideas? Thank you in advance.