We all get the "Friendly fire" SPAM from friends and relatives, with 20
different LOL Cat pictures, People of Walmart, Sunsets, whatever,
inline. I get these constantly from my father. About 1 time in a
hundred, I forward one of these to my assistant.

It makes no difference whether I simply forward it, or forward it as an

The result he receives will have 20 pictures, each sized as they were
sized in the original email, but ALL THE SAME PICTURE, whichever picture
is last.

We have been working on this as if it is HIS problem, but when he got a
new machine running windows 7, and it still happened, I had him forward
back to me what I forwarded to him, and that too has the same single
picture repeating. Forwarding out to his Gmail account works fine,
however. This is all on the same post office.

I can't figure out any keywords that bring this problem up anywhere.

Any Ideas?