Was looking at my filters on BM v3.7 SP2, getting ready to add some
filters for POP3 access out to internet.
I have internal GW5.5ep with GWIA on seperate box from BM

Don't remember what TID I used to set up orginally.

Was using TID 10010998 to setup POP stuff.
Was looking at existing SMTP Response Backfilter exception and it was a
little different from TID I used to setup the filters.

on Source Interface I have <All Interface> TID 10010998 says it should be

On Destination I have <Public NIC> TID 10010998 says it should be private

For Src Address Type I have <Network> TID 10010998 says any
For src IP Address I have

I have a stateful filter setup for SMTP
I will use a stateful filter for POP3 with changes from TID 10050619
about adding stfilt=1 on protocol-Service IP line