I am currently running GW 6.5 SP1 on a NW 6.0 SP5 server. The server is running the MTA, POA, and GWIA. The GWIA is configured to allow POP3 access to mailboxes. A separate server is running BorderManager 3.8. All communications from the Internet must pass thru the BM server before getting to the GW server.

Internet users are able to POP3 to their mailbox without issues. Sending messages, however, has been problematic.

When trying to send messages from within Outlook Express, the program returns the error: "The connection to the server has failed.......Socket Error: 10060, Error Number: 0x800CCC0E".

The following was captured in the GWIA log:
08-19-04 09:51:17 11 Accepted POP3 connection with:
08-19-04 09:51:17 11 POP3 command: USER ablock
08-19-04 09:51:17 11 Successful login with client/server access:
08-19-04 09:51:17 11 POP3 command: PASS
08-19-04 09:51:17 11 POP3 command: STAT
08-19-04 09:51:18 11 POP3 command: QUIT
08-19-04 09:51:18 11 POP3 session ended:
At almost the exact time that this appeared in the log, the Outlook Express Error appeared.

I have watched the packets that are being filtered on the BM server, and no SMTP packets appear to be stopped. There are filter exceptions set up to allow SMTP mail thru the BM.

Any ideas?


Adam Block

Adam Block, CNE
Systems Administrator
Ulano Corporation