According to the Novell support cycle website the end of life date for general support is 31 Aug 2011. Can anyone verify if this is due to be extended considering that SP3 is clearly being worked on and the product is very much current. This would mean that general support would be for approx 4 years only. In comparison Microsoft's SMS 2003 which is a much older product is listed as having 6 years general support. Considering all the issues that ZCM has had and in reality in the early days has been a troublesome product Novell surely owe its customers an extension to mainstream support. Considering that in large enterprise environments role outs can take a very long time and 4years does seem quite short? If I have read the outstanding bugs documentation correctly ZCM still has these known current issues awaiting fixes:

Bug 439359 MS Office is detected as separate products on some devices
Bug 486381 Inventory Only Agent install fails in HP-UX
Bug 488266 No Way to export or backup Closest Server Rules
Bug 503951 10.2.2: java.NullPointerException when deploying more than 10 patches and clicking the back button in wizard
Bug 507505 Devices that miss their scheduled inventory scan do not process immediately if unable to execute on schedule
Bug 507554 10.2.2: On SLES11 patch task duration time will not go higher than :59
Bug 515725 getContentHTTPPaths: SyncState Server UID returned does not have content role.
Bug 517977 Wireless MAC address is not being picked up in the scan
Bug 518038 duplicate info on video cards, ports, and nics on inventoried workstations.
Bug 519590 ZCC very slow for Non-SuperAdmins
Bug 521405 Custom deployment packages don't get rebuilt after a change in IP Addrs and DNS of primary server
Bug 522050 ZCM 10.2 reporting on agent devices in the ZCC not showing all software
Bug 522693 Inconsisten information in Licensing UI
Bug 522707 InvetoryOnly device show wrong OS type
Bug 522974 ZCM agent gets unresponsive
Bug 523041 Inventory (client) KB files not updated in ZAM-only install
Bug 523234 Unable to Wake Up devices using a "Workstation Group"
Bug 524197 Zen Worker Service Crashes and causes server to not be available
Bug 524355 PROXY_SETTINGS.xml is not deleted/updated if the ZCM Proxy is removed in the ZCC
Bug 524443 zQueuePop needs to be evaluated in Sybase and Oracle
Bug 524569 On deploying PRU the KB files are not copied to the respective content location
Bug 524934 Device Retired query no results
Bug 526509 ZCM Agent does not properly write TMP files to the %TEMP% directory is HOMESHARE points to a Network Drive
Bug 526578 java.util.EmptyStackException error when user clicks on Devices / Servers and clicks on "Specify Content"
Bug 526712 Copy Files action will not create shortcut if the file name is amended
Bug 526746 Import inventory fail
Bug 527211 ZPM bundles wont distribute in the content repot
Bug 527890 iPrint Policy fails to migrate if content zip file name is different than
Bug 529125 Set password option to the Dynamic Local User account
Bug 529626 "Install File(s)" action will not work with a mapped drive
Bug 529663 ZCM 10.2 migrating applications with '&' in the file names causes bundle file copy issues
Bug 529786 Installation for 9th ZCM server in Zone fails with certificate errors.
Bug 529849 users missing from usersource
Bug 530302 High memory utilization when a huge bundle with macros is launched
Bug 530509 "An error has occurred while displaying the policy data" while viewing DLU Policy
Bug 530914 Aaron says we need to provide a later version of Sybase
Bug 531048 GW Client hangs on workstation with Messenger 2.0.4 and ZCM 10.2
Bug 532173 Printer not getting picked up in Discovery
Bug 533145 Content not replicated when symbolic link is used to point to new location of content-repo
Bug 534493 r8168 driver needs to be patch in the August Imaging driver update
Bug 535808 content.cleanup not running
Bug 536396 Unable to image Acer Netbook Aspire one D250
Bug 536810 Modifying ZCC Administrator Accounts Causes Java Exception
Bug 537878 MICASAD.exe disappears on clients after CASA is updated to 10.2.1
Bug 538140 Server becomes inaccessible and ZenworksWindowsService hangs at about 15%
Bug 538165 10.2.2: NullPointerException in ViewVulnerabilitiesSnapshot
Bug 538655 Unable to use WOL since 10.2.1 update
Bug 539011 DLU Fails to apply on older workstations
Bug 539639 ZCM 10.2.1 Registry setting in bundle does not get applied
Bug 540588 Authentication not working on some servers
Bug 541083 Migration Utility does not place Quotes around MSI files names that contain spaces
Bug 541121 ZMD7 "Progress UI Level" apps when migrated grant the "Cancel" option to users.
Bug 541471 Process to gather license consumption data returns invalid results
Bug 541866 New devices get registered to already existing device object
Bug 542121 Password with pound sign (£) does not store in credential store
Bug 542787 [Customer Live]: Path environment variable has multiple ZENworks-bin folder entries
Bug 542894 "Terminal Server" System Requirements are lost during migration
Bug 543234 MSI Properties not migrated from ZDM7 using Migration Wizard
Bug 543482 ZCM Login Window appears in English on a French Workstation
Bug 543596 MSPs should be migrated with the same parameters as the parent MSI
Bug 543764 October PRU does not deploy on Linux System Update server
Bug 543929 Installation for nth ZCM server in Zone fails with certificate errors.
Bug 544691 DAU Accounts are not cleaned up, even after a reboot.
Bug 544714 user deleted from the user source still shows as up ZCM administrator
Bug 544737 ZCM Agent treats the GUID for "Bundle Requirements" as Case Sensitive
Bug 544857 "Prompt user before uninstalling application" setting is not migrated from ZDM7 to ZCM10
Bug 545078 Migration Utility Truncates MST File names if more than 3 characters are in the UNC Path including MST file name.
Bug 552120 Custom adm template fails to apply
Bug 554223 WOL Handler creates duplicate queue items and does not limit the number of threads that can be used
Bug 554428 Inventory-Only Agent could not register duplicate hostname
Bug 555300 Compatibility mode not updated with the latest OS versions

If I have interpreted any of this thread incorrectly I would be pleased to be corrected but feel that Novell should consider extending general support for this product.