We are moving from Zen7 to ZCM. I've got ZCM installed on a new server and am testing migrating machines from 7 to ZCM and am running into a few problems. I was thinking maybe I'd get some help.

First problem - I run the ZENworks Migration Tool. Works great. With a little tweaking, I'm able to deploy the ZCM 10.2 Adaptive Agent with a pretty good success. Here's the problem I'm having. Machines don't register automatically. In the Deployment Tasks on the ZENworks Control Center page, I've got the Registration Key set to the same registration key that is showing under Configuration -> Registration -> Registration Keys. The values applied to new machines are to move the machines to "/Devices/Workstations" while filling in department, site, and location information. It isn't setup to assign them a group. Anyway, like I said, machines aren't registering automatically. Even on the client if I try to add the registration key, it will give me the following error:

Unable to register the device with any service. See log for details.

In the zmd-messages log, I see the following messages:
[DEBUG] [12/18/2009 08:02:33.968] [508] [ZenworksWindowsService] [32] [] [RegistrationManager] [] [Unable to add the registration key since the device is not registered to a zone] [] []

Looking at the client, the Management Zone, Server DNS, and Server address all show "Unavailable"

If I run the command "zac reg https://zenworks -u (username) -p (password)" from the client PC, the machine registers properly and life is good. Obviously, I don't want to run around and manually update these. Plus, we've got about 20 different offices hundreds of miles apart. Installing ZCM removes ZEN7 which is our main remote management software, so short of putting something in a login script, I'd be doing a lot of running which I don't want to do.

Second issue - I'm unable to "login" from the client. We are using a Novell network, so I try my eDirectory username/password and it immediately gives me an error: "Unable to log into the ZENworks realm because the system has disconnected from the network and the specified credentials did not match with the credentials cached on the system." I've tried using just my username, the .username.ou.ou.o, and cn=username,ou=ou,ou=ou,o=o as inputs for my username. The two different Realm Names - the first is the tree name from eDirectory and the second says "ZENworks Zone." Under the Users, I've made the connection in order to get our eDirectory users into ZCM. The communication with the LDAP directory shows as being successful. I'm using a proper username and password. I just don't understand why it isn't letting me login.

Third problem - We've got the Remote Control working well when you try to control by device name. The problem is I can't control by username (the method we prefer) because the "Primary Workstation" is not calculating (I'm assuming this is possibly related to the login issue) and so when I pull up a user to remote control, there is no associated device.

Thanks so much in advance for any help/advice you can give!