Are there any gotchas if you uninstall the GW7 client for a user that is caching, and then install the GW8.0.1 client?

After reading many of the forum posts, I got the impression that we would have fewer issues with the GW 8.0.1 client if we uninstalled the GW 7 client first. We have a Zen deployment that uninstalls the GW7 client, reboots the machine, and then when the user logs back in, the GW8.0.1 client is distributed to the default path. So far so good. But all of my "upgrades" so far have been for users in online mode. I have a handful of users that are in caching mode, and they are heavy mail users. I don't want to cause them, or myself, any headaches.

Would it make sense to put these caching users into online mode before uninstalling the GW7 client?

Thanks in advanse.