I'm currently using vmware to simulate a drive failure (I'm not sure if I will have time to grab a real pc for this).

steps to dupe for duplicate workstations:

1) install windows XP into vmware workstation 6.5.x
2) After install, snapshot the machine
3) Install ZCM agent, reboot
4) Verify devices registers in ZCM
5) Now, revert vm to previous snapshot (in other words, drive died and you've put a new drive in the "same" hardware, and put your base OS image on it)
6) Install ZCM agent again, and reboot
7) You will now have two devices in ZCM. One has a big GUID# after the machine name.

I understand the GUID in ZCM, but it would seem that there's no way to manually reconcile/sync the machines up (we have standalone ZAM 7.5 and it handles this scenario quite nicely) and ZFD 7, so it doesn't really care about things as long as the PC name is the same.

I can DELETE both devices out of ZCM and reboot the vm and then I only end up with one device, but in doing that, I lose all history/inventory information on the previous item that was there (for asset tracking, this would be important to keep the history).

Now, is it possible this is something "funky" with how vmware presents the hardware? Yes.

But I guess I'm asking if this is how it's supposed to work period, and there's no way to "merge" the devices together.