Server: NW 5.1 SP4 with BM 3.7 installed by another person.

Get these error hen the server starts:

2004-08-27 12.06.17 : FILTSRV-1.60-19
Service <ANY> is not defined for protocol IP.

2004-08-27 12.06.17 : FILTSRV-1.60-3
Error while parsing file SYS:ETC\builtins.cfg line: IP, <ANY>.

Found this TID:

If I look with ConsoleOne there are filters, in FILTCFG all filters are

Tested to run with SCHEXT but that didn't help, and I don't get any
messages from SCHEXT so I don't know if it succeeded or not.

There seems like no filters work and the server is wide open.

Any help are appreciated.